Web Promotion- SEO & SMO

Web Promotion – SEO & SMO

Web Promotions/SEO/SMO


“Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret… to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink.” – Leo Burnett

When you have a perfect website – a powerful advertising tool for your business ready what is the logical step that you need to take?

Web Promotion is the Key Word.

Yes in this competitive world you need to ensure that your presence is felt, either it is by the means of how easily findable are you on the web and what is being discussed about on you on any social network websites.

We at Manomaya Soft Services, understand the importance of promoting your website to the best possible way and also make you talk of the town on social media.

With our better understanding of Web – we provide services like SMO, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)– where we use the power of people, the power of user generated content to identify the type of users that your business is looking for and promote it to them. An online research says that the most decisive customers are from the world of Social media, so it also makes this job very crucial for your business, You and obviously us. We know what trends on twitter, who is being liked on Facebook, what’s digging on Digg and what’s being written on Blogger. With this capability we can ease your business into the vast world of Web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)– The World wide Web these days works on the basis of ranking. You are good business if your website has a good page ranking, because those many customers can see what you do when they search any search engine online.  So whether it’s Google, Yahoo or Bing, we can optimize your website in such a way that you reap the benefits out of it with high traffic, more number of visitors which certainly means more business.

Digital Marketing – Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities. 

We bring you more eyeballs and more interest to your website.

So either it is submission of your website to search engines, submission of dynamic content like video or voice samples, link submission, ads, articles about your business or meta tagging, analysis of keywords that would work for your business or Adword management. We can effortlessly and seamlessly do it for you.